Feb. 3, 2022

Fan Favorite! How to Believe in Yourself with Kim's Sister Allisyn Lambes

Share this episode with anyone who needs help believing in themselves

We’re bringing back one of my favorite episodes this week. My sister, Allisyn has the amazing ability to believe in herself no matter what. I find her confidence so inspiring and I want to share that with you. So this week we’re getting to the bottom of how she’s able to create and hold on to her positive mindset. We dig into how to be a leader of your own life, how to make the choice to celebrate your own greatness, and how to build a healthy self-awareness. If you need an inspiration download then this episode is for you.

Please share this episode with anyone who needs help believing in themselves.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the laughs. Listen to the end for a Zac Attack where Zac takes on the role of my HR manager and gives Allisyn a job interview for her new role at Belle by Kim Gravel.

You can hear more from Allisyn by clicking HERE to listen to her first appearance on the pod way back on the third episode.

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