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Nov. 3, 2022

Born To Stand Out

Born To Stand Out

I’m here to tell you that common sense ain’t so common anymore

I recently spoke to a group of young girls and having that experience got me thinking about all the good advice, and all the bad advice I’ve received in my life. This week Zac and I are talking about the things we tell ourselves, the things we shouldn’t tell ourselves anymore, and the “Kimisms” that have guided me on my journey. So listen up, because like my daddy always says, you can’t fly with the eagles if you’re busy scratching with the turkeys.  


You know this is a good one because I’m getting cold chills, y’all! 



  • Why I’m on a mission to encourage women and lift them up 
  • We’ve got Kimisms, Y’all
  • Life changing advice from my dad 
  • Understanding why you are born to stand out 
  • Zac flips the script and asks me rapid fire questions
  • My favorite moments from my TV show, Kim of Queens


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