Sept. 22, 2022

The Birth of Belle with Jane Treacy

The Birth of Belle with Jane Treacy

Jane Treacy changed the trajectory of my life

This week Jane Treacy is on the podcast, and she is truly one of my favorite people on the planet! You'll hear how she truly changed the trajectory of my life in a big way. 


Jane and I have so much fun. We talk about embracing who you are, work life balance, connecting with people, and Disney World. She tells me the “pencil story” about how she got the job as one of the first hosts on QVC over 30 years ago. And Zac surprises us with a Zac attack where Jane needs to sell something on the fly with a hilarious twist.


This one can't be missed so buckle up, buttercup and let's love out loud this week with Jane Treacy! 


The full video of this episode is available on QVC+ so check it out!


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Jane Treacy

TV Host / Mother / Wife

Jane Treacy is a QVC host of over 35 years and shares her passion for shoes as the host of Shoe Shopping with Courtney and Jane and Girls Night In. Jane is a mother, wife, and avid Disney visitor.