Sept. 1, 2022

We All Rise Together with Kim Rittberg

We All Rise Together with Kim Rittberg

We're going deep into how you can work less, get more done, still have time for your family, and feel more fulfilled!

This week I've got the incredible Kim Rittberg on the show. She’s an amazing supporter of women and the host of the “Mom’s Exit Interview” podcast. She tell me all about how she quit the corporate grind in order to start her own company, and do a work life rebalance. Now she owns her own media company and helps other moms do the same. We go deep into how you can work less, get more done, and be more fulfilled, how everyone, even powerful executives struggle with confidence, and why your fear should never stop you.


We are not in competition with one another, we are in community! So put your headphones on and get ready to live out loud, laugh out loud, and love out loud with Kim Rittberg. 


The full video of this episode will be available on QVC+ starting in September!


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Kim Rittberg

Podcast Host / Video Strategy & Media Trainer / Producer / Jewelry Designer / Mom

Kim Rittberg is an award-winning creative Executive Producer in TV and video, a digital video strategy expert, and on-camera media coach and public speaker with a proven track record and 500 million video views. She blends 15 years of journalism with content marketing at top-tier outlets including Us Weekly, Netflix, PopSugar, PEOPLE Magazine, and Fox News. She has been called a ‘media unicorn’, and has been a speaker and instructor at UPenn, Syracuse, and General Assembly. Kim is Founder & Principal at Henry Street Media which helps companies, individuals and publishers of all sizes expand their brand and maximize revenue through unforgettable content and communications. She is also the host of Mom’s Exit Interview Podcast.