June 23, 2022

Fan Favorite: Can Kim Live Forever? With Dr. Kien Vuu, MD

Do you want to live forever? This week I'm talking about being healthy with anti-aging expert Dr. Kien Vuu.

I'm bringing back another one of my most popular episodes this week! Do you want to live forever? This week I'm talking with anti-aging expert Dr. Kien Vuu. We discuss how to take control of your wellbeing, and lay out simple, everyday things that you can do to keep yourself young and healthy. I love Dr. V because he tells it like it is and combines spiritual and emotional ideas with the medical and scientific info.

Remember to laugh because you are your own best medicine! So laugh out loud, love our loud, and live (forever) out loud this week on LOL with Kim Gravel. 

I'm taking a few weeks off from making new full episodes but don't worry, during the break I've got a summer series of shorter episodes focused on personal growth every Thursday. That's going to start soon. In the meantime I'm going to be re-airing some of the most popular and best episodes of the podcast, including this one.

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Dr. V's podcast is called Thrive State and you can find it here.

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