June 30, 2022

5 Ways Top Gun Maverick Transformed My Life | Summer Series Part 1

I’m sharing the 5 ways that Top Gun Maverick has transformed my life in part 1 of my summer transformation series.

In this special 5-part summer transformation series, I’ll share all the ways I’m working on transforming myself this summer so that we can do it together. This show is about creating a community of women who are there for each other, and this series is packed with funny stories and simple advice that you can start following right now that will help you get the most out of your summer and begin transforming your life for the better. 

This week is part 1 and I’m starting with a bang. No, make that a sonic boom! I’m sharing the 5 ways that Top Gun Maverick has transformed my life. I love that movie and it really inspired me and gave me a new perspective. So, strap into the cockpit and join me this summer as we live, love and laugh out loud together.

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